Breakfast el fresco or an interior that reveals the overall atmosphere of Mežaparks Rezidences

Mežaparks Rezidences is the modern interpretation of the Garden City that was planned at the turn of the 20th century. The homes are named using the plant world, and the inhabitants will enjoy a refined and peaceful lifestyle – only 10 minutes from the city center. While the other homes are still in the building stage, the first completed home, named after the hazel nut tree Villa Corylus, indicates the overall atmosphere of the development. Villa Corylus was designed by American-Rumanian architect Vladmir Arsene (Westfourth Architecture), who is also the designer of the interior. The interior furnishing concept was provided by design salon INSPIRA. The other homes in Mežaparks Rezidences have been designed by local architects Reinis Liepiņš, Gatis Didrihsons, Diāna Zalāne, and Atis Caune, as well as the previously mentioned Vladimir Arsene, but the overall concept design belongs to Andris Kronbergs, one of Latvia’s foremost architects. The overall area of Villa Corylus, excluding terraces, is 236 m², which not that much for a premium class private home. But the architect has succeeded in creating a compact and rational design, highlighting functionality and allowing for a lot of storage space. The floor plan allows for lots of space for socializing on the first floor with the open kitchen and living room and privacy on the second with four closed rooms. The first floor also has utility rooms and a substantial number of built-in closets that allows all the extra amenities available in new developments to be hidden from the eyes of your guests. The closets were created by the design salon INSPIRA and are the same throughout the house (hallways and bedrooms), giving the interior a clean style.
The kitchen and living room has been designed as one whole, with the kitchen island acting as a zone indicator, as well as a place to have a quick meal. The Bulthaup b3 series kitchen has clean lines and is very functional. It hides all the unnecessary, leaving only individual kitchen appliances and a geometric rhythm. The neutral tones of the living area are highlighted by one bright accent – a sea blue soft chair and the playful FAT-FAT tables (Patrizia Urquiola) in black. The dining area is located by the fireplace, allowing diners to enjoy a relaxed meal by a fire. The modern design makes the fireplace look as if it’s floating in air. The second floor has three bedrooms, an office, and three bathrooms. The impressive number of rooms on the second floor attest to the architect’s ability to create a compact living space, while maintaining a sense of spaciousness. This is done through overhead lighting and clean, uncluttered spaces. The location of the stairs going up to the second floor creates individual zones: on one side are bedrooms, the office and bathrooms, but on the other – the master bedroom, which is flanked by terraces. The location of the master bedroom and its large windows allows full enjoyment of the morning sun, and the sliding windows allow for the visual connection of the inside to the outside. The second floor is also decorated with artist Ieva Maurīte’s minimalist paintings that suit the interior concept well.
The bathroom interior combines various materials and finishes: faux marble tiles, matted glass, Bisazza mosaic tiles and an interesting accent – the so-called Venetian finish. This choice of materials makes the bathroom not only visually appealing, but also tactile.
The second floor office is also neutral in its color scheme and focuses on the dominating desk BUTCH by German designer Konstantin Grcic.
The bedrooms are furnished with Italian Pianca furniture in hushed, neutral tones, accenting witty forms. The master ensuite bathroom is the largest of the three and the bathtub (PAA) is located by the window, inviting the bather to relax and meditate.
The largest of the bedrooms – the master suite – has minimal furniture, highlighting the clean lines and surfaces. The sheer, airy curtains let the sun shine in. The bathroom has a lot of matted glass – the finish is both practical and pleasant to the touch, as are the walls with their Venetian finish.
Interior design: Vladmir Arsene (Westfourth Architecture).
Furnishing concepts: Design salon INSPIRA.

DEKO, Anna Libere, 1 February 2018

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