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Office space rental at the new class A office building Mežaparka birojs in Riga. Find out more about the concept for work and recreation we offer!


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Office space rental in the new “Mežaparka birojs” office building offers a high-quality concept of work and recreation for its renters. The Class A office spaces offered in this development can be listed among the most modern and sustainable rental properties in Riga. The new office building was put into service in October of 2019 and consists of 3 floors with the total rental area of 3344 m², as well as an underground floor. The layout of the office building provides two types of commercial spaces for rent – several retail spaces with separate entrances on the 1st floor and modern office spaces on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The office building is surrounded by parking spaces for guests, meanwhile, the employees working at the offices can place their cars and bicycles in the underground or adjacent surface parking lot. “Mežaparka birojs” also provides charging stations for electrical cars to both tenants and guests.

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„Mežaparka birojs” is a modern and sustainable class A office building, which is a part of the unique real estate development „Mežaparka Rezidences”. This is an outstanding location for business, offering tenants the option to enjoy the harmony of Mežaparks while being only a 10-minute drive away from the centre of Riga at the same time.
The office building was designed by the renowned architect Gatis Didrihsons (Didrihsons arhitekti), and its architecture was created keeping in mind the overall concept of “Mežaparka Rezidences”, which preserves the low-rise buildings and privacy characteristic to Mežaparks.
The thoughtful planning of the office building provides adaptable office spaces with the area of 200 m² to 1100 m² on each floor, according to the business needs of each tenant. The first floor of the building is suitable for several retail spaces, for example, small shops, starting from 38 m² or a restaurant with an outdoor terrace.
The office building can be conveniently accessed by public transport or by car and it offers spacious underground and outside surface parking lots, a charging station for electrical cars and bicycle storage. The territory surrounding the building has been designed as a landscaped park.

Land area: 5000 sq.m.
GBA: 3014 m2
Office area: 2194 m2
Commercial premises: 1072 m2
Floors: 3+ underground
Parking: 52 underground, 38 ground
Office class: A

The first floor of „Mežaparka birojs” office building houses retail spaces for shops and cafes or restaurants. There are seven rental spaces available in total, with the area of 38 m² to 442.8 m². The first floor also features a spacious foyer and reception area for hosting visitors and guests, as well as lavatories and a shower. All of the retail spaces on the first floor also offer the possibility to add an outdoor terrace to them.

The second floor of the „Mežaparka birojs” office building features conference rooms and office spaces for rent. In total, there are eight offices available for rent with a varied area - from 44 m² to 510.8 m². The larger offices feature private conference rooms, kitchens, recreation areas and toilets. The tenants of the smaller offices have access to a shared reception area and toilets.

There are eight separate office spaces available on the third floor of the building, with the area of 44. 3m² to 283.4 m², and a shared meeting and conference area. These offices are also equipped with rooms for work and meetings, recreation and kitchen areas, as well as bathrooms. For offices that are not equipped with an individual bathroom, these facilities are available in the common area of the third floor. Only high-quality finishing materials and office furniture have been used for the interiors of offices at “Mežaparka birojs”.

The underground floor of „Mežaparka birojs” is used for parking spaces and bicycle storage. The underground parking lot with 52 parking spaces is provided for the convenience of office tenants, meanwhile, parking for visitors is provided on the surface parking lot. The underground parking lot is connected to the office area by elevator and stairs.

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