The first phase of the residential project Mežaparka Rezidences has been completed with an investment of 18 million euros.

SIA Domuss is creating one of the largest real estate development projects in one of the most loved Riga neighbourhoods – Mežaparks. The original housing complex Mežaparka Rezidences encompasses 31 hectares and will return a part of the city, which had been isolated and restricted for many years, to the city scape.

The first stage of the project has already seen an investment of 18 million euros, and the joint investment of Domuss’ parent company, US investor group NCH Capital is predicted at 40 million euros.

The project is being developed between quiet Kokneses prospekts and busy Gustava Zemgala gatve on the former site of army warehouses with a plan to develop over 145 sites. During the first stage, contractor SIA Merks has completed a comprehensive installation of infrastructure and landscaping, roads and sidewalks, and communication systems. A sound-proofing rise along Gustava Zemgala gatve has also been completed with 160 000 m³ of landscaped fill, reaching a height of 6 meters.

In May 2016, Mežaparka Rezidences began construction of the first buildings. During this phase, 4 villas, 4 twin villas, a three-storey apartment building with 22 apartments, and a 7-section rowhouse will be completed by autumn 2017.

This projects also offers the opportunity to buy undeveloped plots of land, which has begun in cooperation with SIA Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty. Clients can build villas or twin villas on these sites, in accordance with the overall design concept, or purchase ready built original villas, twin villas, row houses, or apartments. Thus, at least 200 families will have the opportunity to buy a home in this desirable location. In addition to family homes, public spaces, such as small offices, services, and sporting opportunities, make this space accessible to all inhabitants of the city, rather than just for a gated community. Mežaparka Rezidences territory is well-maintained and secure and will be open to all who are interested in visiting.

“We are one of the few project developers who have respected the traditions of Mežaparks architecture and have decided to stick to low-rise buildings. Thus, we maintain the integrity of the characteristic green space and historic architecture and create a retreat from the intense life of the city. I will even venture to say that such a large project, funded by private investors, has never been attempted in Riga, or in Latvia. Because of the limited area of Mežaparks, we think it will be quite desirable,” predicts SIA Domuss direktor Ralfs Jansons.

The overall concept design, as well as the design of several villas, was created by Andris Kronbergs. Individual homes, which have been designed by architects Reinis Liepiņš, Gatis Didrihsons, Diāna Zalāne, and notable US architect Vladimirs Arsene, respect the classic design of  Mežaparks and fit harmoniously into the surrounding area.

Interesting facts:

  • During the first phase, over 29 000 m of cables and pipes (city water and sewage, electricity, gas) were pulled in.
  • Over 2000 varieties of pine, characteristic of Mežaparks, have been planted, as well as many other types of plants. All told, over 13 000 new plants have been planted.
  • Concern about noise reduction for the inhabitants has been addressed and researched by environmental research company SIA Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment, which has completed noise level testing and has offered solutions for noise reduction. As a result, an impressive noise-reduction rise has been built, and current indications appear to confirm that street noises have been substantially reduced.

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