Wednesday September 27th, 2017


“Mežaparka Rezidences” celebrate the completion of initial construction of the next villa

On 26 September, Mežaparka Rezidences celebrated the completion of the initial construction phase of Gatis Didrihsons’ designed twin villa Villa Camellia, which now reveals its overall image.
During the ceremony, Domuss Board Chair Ralfs Jansons thanked Selva Būve and all others involved in the building process for a job well done. The twin homes (227 and 236 sq.m.) will be completed by February 2018, along with two other single homes – Villa Helenia and Villa Lavanda, also being built by Selva Būve.

“These twin homes are designed for low energy consumption. In order to achieve this, planning included several passive home components, such as separation of heated and non-heated areas, a unified insulation layer, controlled air circulation, sufficient construction density levels, south-facing building, shaded windows, and energy-efficient glassed in areas”, explained designer Gatis Didrihsons (Didrihsons arhitekti).

SIA Selva Būve board chair Rolands Orlovskis stressed that during the construction phase, particular attention was paid to the use of the highest quality materials and modern solutions, which make the design the highest level, adhering to the highest standards. “We are please to work with leading building specialists and architects, who can appreciated quality and longevity in building”, said Orlovskis.
Currently Mežaparka Rezidences has one fully completed single-family home, Villa Corylus, and two other single homes, as well as these twin villas are being built. By year’s end, building of a 7-unit row house and two apartment buildings will have begun (current tender will be revealed in mid-October). In total, 31 ha will offers homes to over 200 families, as well provide office and commercial space. The building project will offer an open and harmonious space for living, working, and relaxing.
Currently the project has:
• 3 sold land plots; 3 – reserved.
• From September 2017 to 2019, 20 million euro investment is to be invested in building (apartment buildings, twin homes, row houses, offices).

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