“This villa is designed as a compact structural space consisting of two parts, each expressed in a different architectural language.”

Andris Kronbergs,

The extended space of the second floor of the building appears to fly above the unstructured first floor. The closed character of the bedroom suite on the second floor contrasts with the open, integrated first floor functional area (living room, kitchen, and dining space).
Glass is used for the main façade to give the feeling of transparency and openness on the first floor. The material used to finish the second floor is more traditional – vertical compositions of wood elements.
The floor plans are designed to separate the common areas (living room, kitchen, dining room, study, entrance hall) from the private zones (bedrooms, walk in closets, bathrooms), which are appropriately located on different floors.

Area 272m2
Floors 2
Rooms 5
Status Sketch Project
Address Kokneses prospekts 1 k-30
Outdoor terrace
Winter Garden

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