“The arrangement of this villa’s decorative space, with its grand overhang, was inspired by the functional design of the original Mežaparks homes.”

Vladimir Arsene,
Westfourth Architecture

The use of light-coloured wood and plaster on the exterior façade gives it a homey feel. The closed street-side façade was designed for privacy, but the use of glass in the interior courtyard opens the space.
The first floor includes a two-car garage, convenient utility space, and guestrooms. The living and dining spaces, as well as the kitchen are gracefully joined and flow visually onto the terrace in the garden outdoors.
The second floor has two large (master) bedrooms with outdoor terraces and two smaller bedrooms with a shared bathroom.

Area 250m2
Floors 2
Rooms 4
Status Sketch Project
Address Kokneses prospekts 1 k-19
Outdoor terrace
Winter Garden

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