“The focal point of this villa is nature – a grand linden tree sits at the centre of the plot, offering natural shade.”

Andris Kronbergs,

Buildings are situated around the tree, dividing the plot into several functional zones. The south corner has a sauna and outbuildings for gardening, as well as a pool area for relaxation. The villa sits on the north side of the site. The buildings and landscaping secludes the sunny interior yard on the south side.
The villa is split in two based on function: the first floor contains the living room, kitchen, and utility rooms, and the second floor houses sleeping areas and a private area for the owners.
The austere Scandinavian finish makes use of glass, demolded cement, and ceramics. It is simple and understated, leaving the green surroundings of Mežaparks to shine.

Area 208m2
Floors 2
Rooms 5
Status Sketch Project
Address Kokneses prospekts 1 k-12
Outdoor terrace
Winter Garden

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