“This villa respects the traditional architectural style of Mežaparks with its front yard garden and accent on the steps leading to the main entrance.”

Andris Kronbergs,

In order to enhance the traditional Mežaparks garden city feeling, the building is set back into an artificially created berm, resulting in a view onto a green rise from the street. This artificially created rise contains the living space, kitchen, sauna area, and outdoor pool. As a contrast, a square building containing bedrooms and other spaces on the second floor will be built on this berm. The interior space separates the street side from a private back yard on the southwest side of the site.
The 2-car garage is hidden behind the rise.
The exterior of the villa is covered with various materials – glass, cement, and wood – that maintain the integrity of the architectural design.

Area 394m2
Floors 2
Rooms 4
Status Sketch Project
Address Kokneses prospekts 1 k-22
Outdoor terrace
Winter Garden

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